The Man At The Window

… Raindrops are falling
They’re falling all over
Washing … St Peter’s Square is wet

Raindrops like bullets
They’re breaking through borders
Shivers … St Peter’s Square is wet

Like a shade beside my life
Like a father figure he just stood there
With that smile in his eyes
And when the pain was too hard to stand
He would bring in his helping hand
He would take it all
With the heat of his soul

Raindrops are pouring
It’s four in the morning
St Peter’s Square is full
Raindrops in millions
Of billions of oceans
The universe is full

For every war that shook our heart
He was there to say that it was nonsense
Like a voice from above
And when the crimes were far beyond belief
He would cry like a child
He would heal and relieve
He would feel and believe

The man at the window
Weeping in silence
He's Waving,
St Peter’s Square Farewell …

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