My World

It’s my world
I can pat it from the dark
It’s my life !
And it’s just about to start
Wonder what it’s all going to be about
I dream of it in expectation
I’m carried all away
I feel it come

Yes ! It’s my world
I can feel the humming crowd
It’s my life !
And the lights are turning loud
It’s my turn
To bathe in sun and rain
It’s my time
To feel the joy and pain
I’ll wander in the labyrinth of human being
I’m designed for it, for preservation
It’s all happening today
I hear my cry !

It’s my world
Now I see it from the glass
It’s my life !
Looks different alas !
It’s my beam
Logarithmic like a brick
It’s my dream
A 4 Giga flash ram stick
Introducing the discovery of mankind
Programmed for it, for presentation
I can play over again
Press here please …

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